Thursday, March 10, 2005

Running again

Captain’s Log, Stardate 03.10.2005

I went running again today! With my dog! Okay, my legs hurt a little, but I figured I should exercise while I still feel motivated to do it, because I might not feel motivated tomorrow or next week. I might feel like being a bump on a log, and I’ll regret not taking advantage of my “exercise” mood.

Diet: We had free pizza at work today, and I pigged out on four small slices (hence the exercise mood). I’ve been trying to figure out how many calories that is. But for dinner I had vegetable soup, plus four pieces of my husband’s leftover spicy hamachi sushi roll (bwahahahaha). I think I’m doing okay since I ran, but I have to be better tomorrow.

Writing: Uh . . . off to work on it now. I’m having problems with my scene because I can’t come up with a good reason why heroine would risk her life to help ID the bad guy. I mean, if I were a perfectly sane heroine, I certainly wouldn’t put myself in danger, would you?


  1. Uh, My memory sucks at the moment and I can't remember your plot... But wouldn't she risk herself to ID the bad guy cuz he wants her dead? or has her sis?

  2. Yeah, so why would she risk her life when he'll most likely kill her? Oh boy, now I'm running in circles.

  3. he wants to kill her now when she isn't risking her life. why not atleast be trying to get him?