Sunday, January 23, 2005


Captain’s Log, Stardate 01.23.05

Well, I had to go into work today so I feel like half the day is gone, even though it only took about 4 hours from my afternoon. But now I have the evening to enjoy, plus my husband doesn’t have to work today so he’s home for once. Maybe we’ll watch a movie, or maybe those episodes of 24 that he hasn’t seen yet. I’m not that nuts about 24, only because the last two seasons haven’t really been that terrific--entertaining, but not edge-of-my-seat-I-must-watch-the-next-episode kind of exciting.

I did see Battlestar Galactica last night (Tivo’d) with my husband. I probably annoyed him by commenting all the time, but I love watching that show. The fast-movement camera action wasn’t too bad for this episode. The characters are so rich, with so much internal and external conflict. Excellent writing. It’s so different from the original series. I think it’s better.

Writing: I didn’t do my 100 words on Saturday :-( but I am very excited to continue writing my romantic suspense. I was tempted to write today since I’m so antsy and eager about it, but my devotional last night from “Streams in the Desert” convicted me that God gives periods of rest for a reason. The devo mentioned a rest in a piece of music. Although no notes are playing, it sets things up for the music to continue. The performer simply counts out the beats until it’s time to resume playing.

Life is like that. Rests have their purposes to set up what comes later.

That convicted me about my self-imposed “day of rest” from writing on Sundays. I might be excited to write, but I think that God can use this time to set up how I will write the rest of the week. So I’ll obey even though I might not understand completely the reason for a day of writing inactivity.

Diet: Yesterday my husband and I took advantage of his time at home to go out for lunch to the Cheesesteak Factory--mmmmmmmm. I can’t even say the onions and peppers in my cheesesteak were vegetables. We had Jamba Juice for dinner before youth group, but we stopped at our favorite Chinese restaurant for a night snack--deep fried chicken wings and wor won ton soup. Yummy. I probably consumed about 2500 calories yesterday.

Today I’m doing better, only 700 calories so far, I haven’t eaten dinner yet. We’re home, which should keep the gorge-fest to a minimum. :-)

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