Friday, January 07, 2005


Captain’s Log, Stardate 01.07.05

Today went well at work. I finished a coworker’s stuff so that she could leave early to be home with her son, who was sick. I also helped another coworker (the one who’s going to join my group at the end of the month) and spent a nice time talking with her. It felt good to do something versus sitting around trying to look busy.

I am feeling better about work. Another coworker told me today that they all thought I wouldn’t return to work, after my bad experience under my supervisor. It felt kind of nice to be able to joke about it, and also to know that others could see what a rough time I was having, that it wasn’t my imagination.

But I’m very glad it’s the weekend. I’ve been praying God will help me to enter this weekend and find the rest I need, not to worry about work next week. Last night’s devotional mentioned how God doesn’t show us a clear path ahead of us. Instead, He clears the path for us as we walk forward. I want to live each day just trusting God for that day, not thinking about the next one.

Writing: Read Maass’ book last night, worked a bit on the overall picture of my wip. Hopefully will get more done tonight. We got the last two discs of Star Trek Voyager in today, but my husband asked me to save them so he can watch them too. I enjoy watching them with him, although I did nag him (in jest) about seeing if he could come home early tonight so we can watch it. We also have Alias and Lost to watch. Hmm, strange how my writing progress is directly linked to what I want to see on TV...

Diet: I was bad today, I was so hungry by 11 AM that I ate a (small) slice of pizza and a DONUT, left over from yesterday. Then my new supervisor took my group out to lunch at Marie Callender’s, where I indulged in a chicken pot pie, although I ate a salad and stopped eating when I was full. Dinner tonight will be cooked shrimp that was on sale at the grocery store, which isn’t a bad meal, I guess. Do I sound like I’m trying to justify my gluttony?


  1. I wanna see that devotional!!!!
    I'm glad that work is going well. I'm proud of you for going back. No you aren't justifing your gluttony. there isn't any gluttony.

  2. Hi, Camy (this is Andrea), I love the pizza and doughnut idea for breakfast. What diet is that again? I gotta try it. LOL I wish you blessings and a restful weekend.