Thursday, January 20, 2005

Quiet times

Captain’s Log, Stardate 01.20.05

I have been doing Kay Arthur’s Inductive Bible Study book “That I May Know Him,” studies in Philippians and Colossians, for my quiet times. I have been doing the section for Colossians but not getting a great deal out of it. It seems to be geared toward a new believer, and I’m not terribly excited about it.

I wanted a study guide to take me through Colossians and the other study books I’ve used from that series have been pretty good. The one on Daniel was terrific. But I’ve been skipping a bit through this one, although I try not to.

What’s my point? I dunno.

I’ve also been reading through Psalms, which has been uplifting. And at night I’ve been going through “Streams in the Desert.” Wonderful devotional. I’ve felt very convicted by the reminders, thoughts, and life-lessons. It’s especially apt for believers struggling through a difficult time, it seems aimed toward that particular spiritual need.

Work has been good. I started a study today, and it took me less time than I anticipated. It’s been great having enough time to prepare for these studies. I love not feeling rushed and frantic. I’ve had time to eat my lunch and relax, versus trying to gobble something down and get back to work. Emotionally, I feel content and happy. I never thought I could feel that way and still desire to write full-time, but there it is. God is amazing.

Writing: Got my 100 words done yesterday, did some writing/thinking/brainstorming on my ms. I’m feeling pretty good about it. There is now more conflict and a darker feel to the story and characters. However, now I don’t know how to start it. Hopefully God will help me out. I did some praying today about it, asking Him if He wanted me to write this but willing to set it down if it wasn’t His will. He gave me peace about it, and I think He truly does want me to write this novel.

Diet: 1900 calories yesterday, minus the exercise at PT. I walked for about 45 minutes today during lunch. My knee felt a bit strange when I started out, but I iced it afterwards. It seems okay now, although still stiff and a bit swollen. I don’t know when that will go away, it’s become status quo now. Yesterday at work, I accidentally knelt down to put some media into the refrigerator--I didn’t even think about it, I just did it--and yowzers did that hurt. Nope, I guess I’m not back to normal yet. But the exercise is making me feel better, so that’s great.

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