Wednesday, January 12, 2005

A new short story

Captain’s Log, Stardate 01.12.05

I started on a short story yesterday. I’ve had the idea for a while but never started it, for some reason. I was reviewing my goals for 2005 and remembered that I wanted to write one short story a month. I also wanted to try the Club 100 for Writers, and write 100 words a day. That’s difficult to do when I’m plotting a novel, but I realized I could start my short story and do 100 words a day that way.

So far, I’ve gotten a pretty good scene set up (although I get the feeling it needs pizzazz) and I’ve written 422 words, 267 yesterday and 155 today. I never realized how easy it is to get 100 words written. Of course, I’ll probably end up cutting half of it, but it’s writing invested in this story idea. It’s 422 more words than I had before!

Work is going well. My new supervisor is fair and my project is straightforward. I found out I’m quite underpaid for some reason. My coworkers are speculating it’s because the company that owns us is on the East Coast and doesn’t take into account Silicon Valley’s standard of living and above-average wages.

Writing: Finishing up Maass’ book. I’ll need to do some serious plotting to up the scope of my story. In the meantime, I’m hoping to make headway with my short story and find a market for it. It’s a multi-ethnic romance between an Asian American biologist and a Mexican American landscaper. I have a friend who’s a landscaper/gardener, so I might hit him up for business info.

Diet: Keeping just barely under 2000 calories. I’m not sure if that’s low enough for my activity level, what with the bum knee and all. I haven’t been keeping up with my upper body weight training, unfortunately.

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