Monday, January 17, 2005


Captain’s Log, Stardate 01.17.05

You know, I read other writers’ blogs and they’re just so darn spiritual. I usually have a lot of fluff and random thoughts. Does that say something about me? I am a typical post-modern Christian, I think. Rather shallow, fast-paced, ultra-stimulated. Maybe it will help me write what will relate to post-modern Christians. I think it helps me relate to the teen girls at my church youth group.

Kristin Billerbeck has agreed to be interviewed for the God’s Girls column in RubyZine. Becky asked me to do it since I know her, sort of. It’s so hard to come up with questions. I think I’d make a terrible journalist. I just went through the 5 W’s and an H and came up with a bunch of generic stuff.

I think I need to give more effort to my writing. I’ve been rather lax because I think I’m entitled to it after the stress of working all day. But I should give it my 100%, because it’s something important that God has called me to. I’ll try to work more on it tonight.

Writing: I critiqued a chapter on On my goals, I wanted to try to crit a chapter a week, sort of as a way to give back what I’ve received as a writer.

The chapter I critiqued didn’t start badly but wasn’t terribly original either. I did try to emphasize that the writer needed more conflict, because after the heroine escapes from a death sentence, the rest of her journey happens without incident--no problems, hindrances, struggles, etc.

The author replied with a very nice thank you, but she also sort of blew off my conflict suggestion because she said there was more action in chapter two. That’s nice, but my point was that chapter one dragged because nothing exciting happened for 3/4 of it. I won’t crit this author again. Maybe she just didn’t get my nudge, maybe I should have been more blunt and told her that the narrative dragged. I hate being forceful because really, it’s the writer’s story and not mine.

Diet: Did much better yesterday, had lots of vegetables and ate about 1700 calories. Did okay today, had lots of veggies for lunch, but I still have dinner and the evening to contend with. I have no self control. But I did go to PT today and got my butt kicked because I haven’t been exercising and I’m not strong enough. The PT said it was okay to walk more, so maybe I’ll go walking during lunch at work.

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  1. Camy, hun, you are a lot deeper than you give yourself credit for. there maybe a bit of fluff, but that is good. Your thoughts are never random. You are too meticulous as a person to actually just post random thoughts. Shallow, you are not. I think I know you pretty well and none of those things would be how I described you. You happen to be exactly the way God wants you, for now. You are a daughter of the King.
    Cool on Kristin!
    The woman is crazy! The best crit I have ever had was by you. You have spoiled me for other crits... you think that is why I no longer have a crit group? ;-) And be forceful. she, I, all of us need to hear it. You have great insight into what works and doesn't. so don't cover that up.
    Girly! you should be exercising! Am I going to have to come there and make sure you walk everyday??? :-)