Thursday, January 27, 2005

Busy for two weeks

Captain’s Log, Stardate 01.26.05

After emails from friends, IMing with Heather, and lots of prayer, I think I will try to finish the suspense in the next two weeks. If God wants me to finish it, I will by His grace (I mean, two weeks?). If He doesn’t, I’ll figure it out soon enough. And I’ll only have wasted two weeks of time.

After that, no matter what happens, I’m working on the Chicklit. Actually, since I plot best while moving, I can still plot the Chicklit while I walk at work, or when I’m doing mindless things. But two weeks is it. And if God makes it clear to me before then that it’s not His will for me to write this ms, then I might start on the Chicklit sooner.

I hope I prayed about this enough. Well, I can still continue to pray.

Heather had a good point. My desire to finish my suspense may be mostly my Monk-ish desire to finish things, to be perfect. I need to give that up to God. Perfection is not the issue here--God’s will is. I can’t live my life striving to be perfect, to always make the right decisions. Even if this is wrong, I know God can use this for His glory and my good. I need to trust Him.

So I’ll be outta commission for about two weeks. I might blog a bit, but I’m going to concentrate on my ms.

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  1. Sounds like you're on the "write" track, Camy. I say write what's on your heart. I beleive it's possible to write the suspense in two weeks. You'll never know until you try. You'd still be concentrating on your chick lit. I have faith in ya! Praying for you, my friend! Love, Squirl