Tuesday, January 25, 2005

As God pleases

Captain’s Log, Stardate 01.25.05

I have been spending a short time in prayer before I start work on my manuscript, asking Him to cover me so that these words are His.

I also read today in My Utmost for His Highest that I shouldn’t expect God to act or reveal Himself in certain ways, because He can do whatever and whenever He pleases. I’ve applied this to the spiritual thread in my manuscript. If I focus on putting in a conversion scene or repentance scene, I might be boxing Christ in, not allowing Him to lift Himself up in some other way. So I’m trying to keep myself open to allow Him to shine His light through this story in the way He chooses.

I also printed out my goals and stuck them at the bottom of my computer monitor. I am not doing too badly. I won’t make my Feb 1st project goal, but I’ve been keeping up on my learning goals and my blog. I’ve at least worked on my short story for this month, although I haven’t critiqued enough pieces on Writing.com (I’m supposed to do one per week, but I’ve only done one this month). I should try to do that on Sundays when I’m not writing. It’s hard because I like to spend time with my husband if he’s home, since I don’t see much of him during the week, due to his long work hours.

I also need to remember to critique my crit partner’s piece, since I’m supposed to do it once every two weeks. Kelly has been really patient, and I like her Chicklit story so far. It’s set in Alaska, where she lives, which is way cool. I hope this works out. I’ll have to crit her chapter and send my first chapter to her. I hope she doesn’t mind if my writing is rather green.

Writing: I did quite a bit of writing yesterday, and I even wrote some during lunch today at work. God is cool, He’s been giving me the motivation to work on this manuscript. Thank You, Lord, and please continue to help me feel excited and motivated to write.

Diet: about 1800 calories yesterday. So far today only 700, plus I went walking during lunch. My scale says I gained weight. Am I still eating too much? I’d like to convince myself it’s the weight of muscle mass gained, but I think that would be too delusional, even though I am doing more weight training. Maybe it’s water retention from my period. Notice how I come up with convenient excuses?


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