Monday, January 03, 2005

2005 Writing Goals

Captain’s Log, Supplemental

Since it’s the start of 2005, here are my writing goals. I want them posted here for accountability:

Long-term goals:
complete three manuscripts by December 2005
come up with one new multiple-book Chicklit series proposal and one new multiple-book Romantic Suspense series proposal
find at least two more critique partners

Short term goals:
write one short story each month
critique at least one piece each week on
critique crit partners' pieces every two weeks
update my website at least once a month with something new and exciting (at least to me! LOL)

Write in my blog at least once a week, but preferably everyday for accountability of my writing progress

Daily goals:
at least one hour of writing each weekday, two hours each Saturday, Sunday as a day of rest

Project goals:
finish current ms by February 1st (it’s what I’m shooting for, but I just realized I need to overhaul my storyline)
polish Romantic Suspense series proposal by February 1st (see previous)
finish novella by April 1st
finish first ms by August 1st
finish second ms by December 31st

Learning goals:
read one book on writing each month
read one article on writing each week

I may not be published, but I know that I can't let myself slack off on my writing while I wait to hear back from publishers. They may not like the manuscript they've got, but they may like the next one from me. I want to constantly keep at least one project "in circulation," as it were.

Of course, this may change if my agent decides I'm not worth the time and effort and dumps me. :-)

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  1. He wouldn't dare dump you! If he was smart, he would realize that he has a future NY Times bestselling author on his hands!
    You have set up some great goals hun, I wish I was as disciplined as you.
    As to the spiritual warfare, I'm praying right along with you, hun. The Lord is right there with you, every step of the way.
    Ooooh girl you are brave! praying for patience! LOL