Sunday, October 10, 2004

Mary's prose painting


Got my website updated. I listed all my recommended books on writing technique and linked them to Amazon. Except the stupid html made my page layout all screwy so I had to be creative. LOL

Okay, I just read Mary Griffith's blog and I am, yet again, floored. Dude, I could never be that poetic and beautiful and flow-y with words. Well, maybe in a certain mood, but that strikes me only rarely (Look at that! Two adverbs in a row!). But a part of me thinks that if God didn't make me that way, maybe I wasn't meant to write that way. I can admire Mary's incredible way of painting words like an watercolor picture, but if I could never do that, I won't sweat it. I'm sure God has other uses for me and the irreverent way I paint my own words like a finger-painting on a wall. LOL. I'll just read Mary's blog and feel uplifted and inspired.

Okay, I've checked my email, I am REALLY going to get some writing done right now!


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