Thursday, October 14, 2004

Chicklit Anthology


It's late but I just have to write this down. I just spent an amazing couple hours brainstorming with Mary G. She had an idea for a multi-ethnic Chicklit anthology proposal for Barbour, so we stewed out the premise and our respective stories, and also other published Barbour authors who might be open to joining us. Barbour's policy on their anthologies is that three of the authors must be published, and two of those must have been published by Barbour specifically. The fourth author can be an unpublished author--yes, that would be me. (Mary is under contract with both Baker/Revell and Steeple Hill. Can't wait for her books to come out!)

The whole experience got me so excited about writing. The blossoming of ideas, the creative juices flowing and bubbling. I loved the whole "Hey what about--" "Oh what if--" "How about--" kind of conversation. I felt such a yearning to be doing this full time. But while my heart is straining at the bit, my spirit is also trying to stay calm, to lift it all into God's hands. The anthology may not come about now or ever, but I've been so blessed by the time of fellowship with this woman of God and the joy of plotting, characterization--writing. Thank You, Jesus. Help me to remain in Your will, no matter what happens.

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