Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Characterization and writing career fears


Hahaha! I finally figured out how to post pictures.

I got some great plotting and characterization done yesterday. I've found, over and over again, that my characterization process is integral to my plotting. The way the characters flesh themselves out determines where the plot goes. Who a character is--her inner values--will ultimately control what choices she makes as the story progresses. Each step in the plot is a direct result of how she acts in response to what happened previously, versus the character just reacting to the rocks thrown at her.

Heather's blog yesterday talked about a fear she has, which resembles something I felt earlier: "What if the only reason God has me pursuing writing is to encourage others not to give up?" I had wondered if God wanted me to learn the writing craft only to teach other writers, never to be published myself. And while that scared and saddened me, I realized that even if that's what He wants for me, that's okay. I can trust that I'd be HAPPY with that. He wouldn't put me someplace where I'd be unhappy to serve Him (unless it's for a set time and to teach me something vital). So while I still think about that, I'm fine with it. I'm enjoying what I'm doing now, and after all, I didn't start pursuing writing with the aim of being published. I want to serve God, first and foremost, even if publication never comes my way. I wouldn't have started down this path if I hadn't placed my heart in that place, because I didn't want to only chase my own desires, I wanted to make sure I was in God's will.

I'm praying I stay that way.

Okay, Heather is bugging me to post this, so no more tweaking.

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