Thursday, September 09, 2004

Six month mark


Six month mark was yesterday. Nothing happened, but I did realize on Tuesday night that I've usually been able to trust God in times of anticipation--when I needed a job right out of college, when I needed housing, etc. My trust has been nearly absolute in those times--I've felt very much at peace, not stressing or worrying.

But recently, the type of trust I've needed has been in hardship, and it's been a struggle the entire way. The peaceful trust I had in anticipation disappears in hardship, which may be God trying to tell me something, don'cha think?

I read from Jeremiah 32:17-25 today, and it reminded me of God's incredible power, might, majesty and sovereignty. I think of Him as my friend, so often I forget that He's Almighty God. He knows everything and He has a great purpose for me. I have to believe He will make clear to me what He desires. I need to be still more often, to remember that He is God.

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