Thursday, August 26, 2004

Matrix: Revolutions


My back is aching today. I think I used it too much at work. When I'm working at the biohazard hood, I have to lean forward since there's a pressure wall to keep the area inside the hood sterile, and it puts too much pressure on my lower back.

I did a little writing today, mostly review on my character sheets. I think I'm starting to get a true feel for these characters now. It was good to remind myself of nuances of behavior, and to have an opportunity to delete traits that didn't seem right. We saw MATRIX: REVOLUTIONS tonight, so I didn't get much done, but it was nice to spend time with my husband (hahahahahahaha) just enjoying time together.

MATRIX: REVOLUTIONS was both good and a disappointment. There wasn't a particularly mind-blowing concept like in each of the first two, but how everything came together at the end seemed very appropriate. I guess I had hoped for a more shocking conclusion. The CGI on the battle in the dock is incredible. My favorite line is Neo's, when he says he keeps fighting "because I choose to." I need that kind of attitude and determination in my walk with God. All I do is a choice—the power of choice that God specifically gave to me—and I need to choose the right actions, the right moments, the right mindset. Everyday of my life, until I see the true Zion and my King dwelling within her.

Tomorrow is Friday! Yay! I hope my cells are in good shape (Please God, bump my viable cell density up to 80%) so I can start a spinner study and make my supervisor happy. And Lord, I could use a bit of Your incomparable power for us who believe. Please mold me into a servant You can use, for Your divine purpose.


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