Tuesday, April 07, 2015


Some of you wonderful people bought Mistletoe Kisses, the Christian romance anthology I self-published with 7 other Christian authors, which has my short novel, The Spinster’s Christmas included.

However, I wanted to revise the Spinster’s Christmas because it had some problems. I wasn’t in a good place self-confidence-wise with my writing when I wrote the book, and so there are some threads that just weren’t resolved well enough for my taste.

So I hired Meredith Efken at The Fiction Fix-It Shop to do a macro/developmental edit on the book (a macro edit is a high-level critique that looks at things like plot structure, character arc, pacing, etc.). I just finished doing revisions on the book and ended up rewriting about 25% of it!

It’s now with Moonshell Books for copy/line editing, because Shelley has an amazing eye for detail and can let me know if anything is too “modern” or “American.”

I’ll be releasing this revised version hopefully the end of this month or early in May as a separate ebook. If you belong to my Camille Elliot newsletter, you’ll be sure to hear when it’s available.

I’ve already got a cover for it, thanks to Dineen Miller. Isn’t this beautiful? He’s even got a cane in the picture, and the dress is in the book.


  1. I must admit that the only reason I bought the novella collection was to read your story (although I'm sure the other stories are great, I'll get around to them eventually). Anyway, I enjoyed the story so much so I'm excited to see how you changed it, can't wait!

    1. Aw thanks Lis! I hope you enjoy it! I'm happier with the story, anyway.

  2. I read them all and yours was definitely my favorite. Since I'm not a writer, I didn't think it needed any improvement. However, I can't wait to read your new and improved version as well as any stories following this one!

    1. Aw thanks so much Linda! I'm so glad you enjoyed it before!


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