Monday, June 25, 2012

Poll: how to sing this worship song

There’s one song I started singing for worship, Desert Song. It was introduced by one of the other youth staff workers this year. It’s very catchy with very good lyrics. I like it.

However, on the recording, there is one phrase that doesn’t match the other phrases in the chorus. Rather than being on beat, one note is syncopated instead.

If you listen to the recording, on the chorus, you can hear that the words “praise,” “praise,” and the second syllable of “declare” are on the beat, but the second syllable for “rejoice” is not. The second syllable of the word is sung syncopated rather than on beat.

I am torn between singing the chorus exactly like the MP3 recording, or not syncopating that one note in order to make the chorus just simpler to learn and to sing for my church congregation.

So what do you think? Should I sing it according to the recording, or should I sing it a little differently to make it easier for my church congregation?


  1. I can hear what you mean, but am not sure I have the answer. :). It sounds like the word rejoice is said more naturally, which ends it sooner than if it was more separated into two distinct syllables like they sing declare.

    Either way would sound fine, so I guess you could choose based upon what you and any others leading it would sing more naturally.

    1. That's a good point. When I sing it, since "praise" was sung on the beat, I typically sing the second syllable of "rejoice" on the beat, also. I'd have to make an effort to remember to sing it off beat if I sing it like the CD.

  2. I vote for singing on beat. Praise music can be hard for the congregation to learn (speaking as a congregation member) so anything that makes it easier is a no-brainer in my book.

    1. Thanks for the vote! That's really helpful since I don't often get feedback from my congregation. Not many of them are musical so it's hard for me to gauge if the songs are too easy or too hard.


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