Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Chocolate mint

Captain Caffeine and I have arguments about this all the time.

I like chocolate mint, meaning chocolate with mint flavor added.

However, I do NOT like mint with chocolate chips. Something about the texture doesn’t appeal to me and the dominant flavor is mint with chocolate as almost a sidenote.

The Captain doesn’t understand why I make such a distinction. But to me, it seems very different. One is chocolate with mint, the other is mint with chocolate.

Then yesterday I tried a new tea, chocolate mint flavor. I hated it. Basically, it had more mint than chocolate, which put me in mind of mint with chocolate chips.

Am I being too picky about this? Which of you guys likes mint with chocolate chips?


  1. I can only do either if it's REALLY REALLY cold, otherwise, no thank you. :)

    1. That is so interesting! Now that I think about it, I'm not nuts about chocolate mint candies, although I like ice cream. Now I wonder if that's why I didn't much care for the tea, since it was hot.

  2. Hmm, and here I thought you'd talk about the actually mint that is called chocolate mint. I have some growing in my window and I love it. I've had it made out of tea and added it to a smoothie one time. I don't care, either way is fine by me, but I've cut back on my chocolate intake so, out goes the mint.

    1. There's an actual mint?????? I totally did not know that!!! Now I will have to find some and try to grow it.


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