Friday, March 02, 2007


Captain’s Log, Supplemental

Blog book giveaway:
To enter, go to the blog links below and post a comment there.
She’s Out of Control by Kristin Billerbeck
Two books in the Black Or White series by John Aubrey Anderson

Available for pre-order!

Deborah found out I’m on! This whole being-an-author thing is finally seeming more real to me now.

I’m such a dork, I’m thinking about printing out the webpage and framing it. LOL

Also today...

I'm on Kaye Dacus's blog, talking to writers about voice.


  1. hehe cool! i would frame it too ;)

  2. I think this makes three dorks. I'm with you and "Tuna". Go for it!

  3. That is so awesome Camy! Frame it. That way when I do the same thing to mine, I won't feel so weird.

  4. Camy~
    Fabulous cover! Who wouldn't pick up the book?! Congratulations.

  5. Do it, Camy! Celebrate every little thing.

  6. Awesome cover.
    Nice to meet you. I just discovered your blog for the first time today. I learn about you through THE ULTIMATE BLOG PARTY.

    I will be back.

  7. How exciting! I'm with the rest of them...print it and frame it!

  8. lol, you're on too. for $3.00 cheaper!

    "Number of Pages: 352" yay thick book!

  9. Congrats on the book, Camy! And I can't wait to hear about your Sat. meal. I loved the article on voice. To me, voice was such an ethereal unknown until I one day discovered what my voice really was--and wasn't. Unfortunately, it wasn't much in the book I just "completed" in Dec. But thankfully it was in a WIP I had started when I needed a break last Oct. Good to hear I am not the only one setting aside books I've written. :)

  10. Omigosh!!! How kewl is that? Yes, yes, frame the page! :-D Wow, and to think I knew you when...

  11. How awesome Cammy! I'd frame the page too (guess I'm a dork too, LOL)!

  12. I am in full agreement - Frame It! You did it! How exciting! :)


  13.'re on Amazon!

    Now we have to work on getting your sales ranking a little higher :-)

  14. I vote you get a custom frame with the book cover, amazon page, chopsticks and bookmark. That would be cool.

    And the chopsticks are awesome people, I got mine tonight. :)

  15. Yes, frame that shot! I remember seeing my first book on Amazon and it's a real thrill.
    Keep a scrapbook of everything you do, too. You will cherish it years from now ...

  16. Camy this is SO COOL! I've been checking periodically and I am SO EXCITED to see the page is finally up! Congrats!!

  17. WOW love it Camy!

    Just popping in to say hello - it's been a while! Congratulations!

    I think you should upload it to - print it in pdf real real big and put it on your wall!

  18. Nancy the RomancechickMon Mar 05, 11:04:00 AM 2007

    Frame it, sister!

    When my book, Attack of the Queen, was features on's front page, I printed that out. Especially after my husband pointed out I was listed higher up the page than NORA ROBERTS!!!

    Yeah! So freakin' cool, girl! I can't even imagine what that feels like. I so can't wait to get my copy! Hee hee!!!

  20. You are not a dork! I'd probably do the same thing lol. CONGRATULATIONS!!


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