Monday, August 02, 2021

Get Christian Contemporary Romance ebooks Becoming Princess Olivia & Ask you Later FREE!

If you PREORDER my Christian Contemporary Romance anthology, Save the Date, you’re eligible to join this limited-run Save the Date newsletter and get a FREE ebook every month!

Each month, we’ll give away an ebook from one of the authors in the anthology. Once you join the newsletter, you’ll get an ebook free every month until the anthology releases!

This month, there are TWO free books!
The first free book is Ask you Later by Jan Thompson!

He lives and breathes expressive art.
She has no time for his type of fluff.

A struggling artist tries to get his recycled mixed-media art pieces displayed at a local art gallery now run by the owner’s daughter who has zero appreciation for his folk art.

Sophie’s Sentiments…

A freelance technical writer who writes obscure user guides that nobody reads and engineering manuals for little-used heavy machinery, Sophie Kowalski’s career is filled with black ink on white paper, legalese and technical stuff that few people care about—except for proofreaders and publishers.

When her dad has a nasty fall outside his art gallery and breaks his leg in several places, Sophie is forced to run Simon’s Gallery for a couple of months while Dad recovers from his unfortunate accident.

The first thing Sophie does is remove what she considers “junk art” in the art gallery and cancel several exhibitions by lesser-known artists, replacing them with more famous works that showcase clean lines and minimalism…

Leon’s Legacy…

A poor and struggling mixed-media local artist, Leonardo “Leon” Watts thinks he has finally turned a corner in his career when Simon Kowalski of the reputable Simon’s Gallery on River Street decides to display his recycled sculptures that showcase everyday life.

That is, before Simon tumbles on the cobblestones, ends up in the hospital, and takes two months off to recover. Standing in Leon’s way is Simon’s daughter, Sophie, now running the gallery however she wants and in whichever way she pleases.

She says that Leon’s displays are “garbage” and shouldn’t see the light of day. Well, technically, he only uses discarded materials he finds in junkyards and recycling centers…

Still, who is she to judge his art?

When Leon decides to educate that unimaginative Sophie on the value of his brand of everyman artwork, he gets more than he is prepared to handle, as his heart begins to express itself in unexpected ways…

The second free book is Becoming Princess Olivia by Lisa Prysock!

Miss Olivia Jane Kennedy is something of a child prodigy when she becomes a published author earlier than anyone could have expected. She also finds herself with a broken heart by the time she’s nineteen. When an opportunity arises to study abroad in England at The London Writing Academy on scholarship, she takes the chance, hoping a change of scenery will do her some good. “Ollie,” as her kid sister, Kendra, has nicknamed her, takes up residence in a Victorian terrace flat on a scenic street in Chelsea.

Four years later, she's a successful writer, age twenty-three, and about to graduate, but maybe dreams only come true for the characters she writes about in her Christian historical romance novels, her “Beloved Britannia” series.

When the handsome twenty-eight-year-old, His Royal Highness Prince Stephen, asks to share her London cab to throw the paparazzi off, the country girl who grew up on a quiet farm in Minnesota is in for the ride of her life! The Prince is everything she could have hoped for and so much more, but falling in love means risking her once broken heart on high stakes far beyond her wildest dreams.

Want these ebooks for free? Preorder Save the Date and then join this limited-run Save the Date newsletter!

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