Thursday, July 16, 2020

SALE Camy's romantic suspense novellas


Necessary Proof and Unshakeable Pursuit now in print and on sale!

Two novellas in my romantic suspense Sonoma series, Necessary Proof and Unshakeable Pursuit, are now available in a two-in-one print book for the first time! Previously, they were only available as ebooks. For a limited time, this two-in-one print book is only $8.99! The price will go up on August 1st. Buy Necessary Proof and Unshakeable Pursuit print book on Amazon.
In celebration of the print book release, I'm also reducing the price of Unshakeable Pursuit ebook to only $0.99. The price will go back up on August 1st. Buy Unshakeable Pursuit in KindleiBooks, and Koboicon ebook formats. Necessary Proof is still available as a FREE ebook on Kobo, Nook, and iBooks (I'm working on getting Kindle to price match). You can also download a copy of the .epub on my website.

What's up with Camy

California is slowly starting to open up, but our household is still sheltering at home until Captain Caffeine is approved to return to work. We hope all of you are staying safe.

Things are moving along with the Japanese translation of my contemporary romance novel Sushi for One. There are many little formatting changes that have been needed which are completely different from English novels, and I'm learning a lot. I'm very grateful to my translator and proofreader for their help.

I'm still working on Lady Wynwood's Spies, my Regency romantic adventure series writing as Camille Elliot. I am actually plotting the entire 12 volume series all at once (in order to tie up plot threads and make sure I don't write myself into a corner) before I finish editing volume 1 and start writing volume 2. Volume 1 is still on track to release this summer, so if you'd like to know when it will be available, be sure to sign up for my Camille Elliot newsletter.

For any of you writers who might be interested, I am also blogging my daily writing progress in Camy’s Writing Diary Blog. I started this writing diary in order to document my writer's process, to be able to identify my habits (good and bad), and to improve my writing productivity. I've only been doing it for a few weeks, so hopefully I'll be able to keep it up and it will give me the hard data I need to improve my writing speed and efficiency. Happy reading and stay safe!


「Necessary Proof(必要な証拠)」と「Unshakeable Pursuit(揺るぎない追跡)」印刷版 発売中!

ロマンティックサスペンス「ソノマ」シリーズの二つの短編小説「Necessary Proof」と「Unshakeable Pursuit」は、これまでイーブックのみでしたが、一冊の本にまとめられて発売になりました!


この印刷版の出版を記念して、「Unshakeable Pursuit」のイーブックも$0.99の割引価格になっています。これも8月1日から通常価格に戻ります。イーブック版はKindleiBooksKoboiconでお買い求めください。

「Necessary Proof」のイーブックは、まだ無料でお届けしています。Kobo、Nook、iBooksからお求めください(Kindleはプライスマッチの交渉中です)。私のホームページからも.epubでダウンロード可能です。





執筆をされる方の中で興味のある方へ、 執筆の進行状況を、毎日「キャミーの執筆日記」に書き込んでいます。執筆プロセスを記録し、自分の癖(よい癖も悪い癖も)を明らかにして、生産性を高めるために、これを始めました。始めてからまだ数週間ですが、これからも続けて、執筆の速さと効率を上げるための客観的なデータにしたいと思っています。



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