Monday, October 04, 2010

Street Team giveaway - Stephanie's scarf!

Congratulations to the winners of copies of Formula for Danger:
Marguerite A.
Sandi A.
Suzanne A.
Nancye D.
Rachel H.
Holly O.
Kimberly T.
Angela W.
Deborah W.
Catherine Y.
(I've already emailed you guys so check your Inboxes!)

If you're not a Street Team member, join today! It's free, and you only have to pass out bookmarks. You get to pick FREE books from a ginormous list for every 80 bookmarks you give away. Just for joining, you get a free ribbon bookmark that my Mom made. Click here for more information.

Current Street Team members:

I'm still giving away lots of prizes to celebrate the release of Formula for Danger! Ongoing contests are:
Three free books for every batch of bookmarks you give away
A drawing for 12 winners of a cabernet sauvignon grape goat's milk soap + a free book
A drawing for a Christmas wall hanging made by my mom

And here's another giveaway for you guys:

Those of you who have read Formula for Danger remember Stephanie, the heroine's lab assistant, right? Stephanie has a fuzzy light blue scarf mentioned in the book (page 92).

Well, I have knitted Stephanie's scarf and now I'm offering it in a drawing for my Street Team members!

In addition to the scarf, you also get to pick a free book from my Street Team book list!

This is a light, luscious scarf in a diagonal lace pattern with garter stitch borders. The yarn is Patons Divine in a pretty Halo Blue color, a light blue that reminds me of paintings of angels. :)

If you are allergic to wool and/or mohair, please be aware that the yarn is 76.5% Acrylic - 10.5% Wool - 10.5% Mohair - 2.5% Polyester.

Care: Hand wash (just swish it in a sink with some shampoo--you can even take it in the shower with you if you're feeling extra lazy) and either lay flat to dry or hang to dry. Do not wash in the washing machine or dryer.

How to enter:

Either email me or Facebook me or leave a comment on this blog post about a person or place or event you left a Formula for Danger bookmark! Easy peasy!

Every Formula for Danger bookmark you give away and tell me about is one entry into the drawing for the scarf and free book!

Formula for Danger bookmarks: Some giveaways will require you to give away my Formula for Danger bookmark, so if you haven't given away your first 80 and don't have Formula for Danger bookmarks, either give away your bookmarks quick or email me and I can send you a few (although not as many as I would if you gave away your first 80 bookmarks).

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  1. Camy,
    I left a Formula for Danger bookmark in the dollar slot of a snack machine on my college's campus. You know how hungry college kids get, so I am sure it was discovered and rescued in no time haha! Also, I left FfD bookmark--along with the others--in front of some romance novels at a regular book store. I will send pics!

  2. Awesome! Thanks so much Kimberly!

  3. Ooh, I LOVE the stitch pattern there . . . that's with yarn overs?

    I finally figured it out where to leave the bookmarks --libraries (and maybe bookstores). I saw a photo on Mrs. Tang's FB fan page that someone slipped their bookmarks in a library display covertly, but so far, I've gone to two different libraries that have Mrs. Tang's books and when I talked to the librarians, they were fine with me leaving bookmarks there . . . As long as it wasn't trying to "sell anything" like a business card, and since they had to do with books . . . =) One librarian said she had to check with the branch manager, but other than that, they've been cool with it! I usually say something like, "This is going to sound weird, but I noticed you have some of Camy Tang's books in your collection . . . " and ask if I can leave them some bookmarks to display . . . 'cause online there's a contest to see who can give out the most bookmarks, etc. Hope that helps you all --go Street Team! =)
    If I remembered about these contests, I would have probably kept the "FfD" bookmarks to hand out individually (and some of the Sushi Series) . . . does giving one to the librarian and leaving some at the library count (total of two entries)?


    P.S. - That's my address I put when I post on public blogs . . . I don't remember if I signed up for the Street Team with it though . . . I hope that's okay. =)