Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Formula for Danger releases! Sept Street Team giveaways!!!

Captain's Log, Stardate 09.07.2010

My newest romantic suspense, Formula for Danger, releases this month! Yay!

To celebrate, I’m doing a bunch of neato giveaways during the month of September exclusively for my Street Team members.

(If you want to join my Street Team, it’s free and easy! All you have to do is give out my bookmarks. Click here for more info.)

Pick THREE free books!

Normally, Street Team members get to pick two free books whenever they give away their stack of bookmarks, but from now until October 15th, Street Team members who give away all their bookmarks get to pick THREE free books from the Street Team book giveaway list!

Give away a Formula for Danger bookmark, enter the drawing!

Give away a Formula for Danger bookmark or leave it someplace neat, and either post the picture on my Facebook page or email it to me.

For every picture you post/email, you get an entry into a drawing for one of twelve Djinn Cabernet grape goat’s milk soaps with crushed grape seeds (by White Moth Snuggery) AND a free book of your choice from the Street Team book giveaway list.

(Isn’t the soap totally appropriate considering Formula for Danger is set in a day spa (hence the goat’s milk soap) in Sonoma wine country (cabernet grape)? I thought I was particularly lucky to find these. :)

If you don’t have any Formula for Danger bookmarks, either give away your stack of bookmarks (and get three free books!) so I can send more bookmarks to you, or email me and I’ll send about 5 bookmarks to you in an envelope.

The soap/book contest ends October 15th.

Isn’t this totally exciting? (Or is it just me?) Don’t you want to join my Street Team, now?

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