Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This week’s Street Team Challenge

Captain's Log, Stardate 07.13.2010

For all you wonderful folks on my Street Team, here’s a special challenge for you this week!

The first TWO people who email me a picture of a person they gave my bookmark(s) to get one of two pretty Japanese fan magnets:

I got them from this cute shop in San Jose Japantown whose name I can’t remember anymore. LOL Actually, you can thank my mom for them because I was going to buy them but she insisted on buying them for me. So, thanks Mom!

My email is camy {at} camy tang {dot} com. Also, if you give my bookmarks to your children or spouse and send me a picture, IT DOESN’T COUNT unless your kids and/or spouse are no longer living with you.

Have you joined my Street Team yet? If not, what are you waiting for? I’ll be giving Street Team Challenges every week or every other week for the rest of the year, so don’t miss out!

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