Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My September newsletter and Bad Dog: a Novel

Captain's Log, Stardate 09.16.2009

If you don’t belong to my newsletter YahooGroup, why??? (just, not really. Why not?)

I just sent out my September update, with a brand new newsletter-only contest. My wonderful mom has donated a fantastic hand-made stocking for this month’s contest, but you can only enter to win if you belong to my newsletter. (And read the instructions in my newsletter about how to enter.)

Click here to read my September newsletter

And did I mention that the title for my May 2010 release is Bad Dog: a Novel? (Actually, I think I might have mentioned it in one of my past newsletters, but now I can’t remember.) It’s another humorous contemporary romance—so a bit more romancey than my Sushi series, and more funny than my romantic suspense (well, duh!).

I saw the mock up for the cover, and it’s cute. It’s got a dog on it, and the colors are bright (I really don’t need much else to be satisfied, I think. What does that say about me? Dog and bling.)

I can’t post the cover since it’s not finalized (now’ll show up on some website somewhere). But in lieu of “my dog book” cover, here’s my real live dog. :)


  1. I'll look forward to cover, and book. But meanwhile, your real live dog is very cute.

  2. Sounds like a neat book and I look forward to seeing the cover too.

    I agree with Sheila, your dog is cute. :o)