Monday, February 04, 2008

Real Women Scrap Anniversary Sale

Many of you know I like to make cards, right? It's not exactly scrapbooking, but it's close.

My friend Tasra has a fantastic book for scrapbookers that helps organize and inspire. It's unlike any other scrapbooking book out there.

Real Women Scrap Anniversary Sale--a message from Tasra Dawson

Can you believe it was just one year ago that Real Women Scrap was officially released in bookstores and online? Now it's been seen on numerous TV shows, featured in almost all of the great scrapbooking magazines, and has two seasons of the online TV show complete! It's been an amazing adventure and as I look through the subscribers on this newsletter list, I'm so thrilled that each and every one of you have been part of the journey.

Have you read the book yet? If not, there is still time. Because it's not an idea book, the principles and strategies are timeless. Getting your life balanced and finding time for the things you love are both things that many women struggle with year after year. Sometimes we learn the lessons and then slowly get off track. Now is your chance in the new year to make a change for good. Make a change for yourself and the ones you love.

Now, you may be thinking, "Of course she says that...she wrote the book." But the truth is that the power of Real Women Scrap to change women's lives surprised even me. I knew that the ideas and tools introduced in the book had transformed my own life, but I have been completely overwhelmed by their power to change and enhance the lives of women from across the entire globe.

In the last year, I've received emails and messages from literally hundreds of women talking about the new perspective they received after reading Real Women Scrap. Just last week, I received an email that said, "I read it all in a day and was really touched, uplifted, and inspired." A co-worker told me that she "marked it all up with highlighter and sticky notes to remember the key points."

Now is your chance. This exclusive anniversary sale is for change your life one page at a time. Don't miss out. Isn't it time to start taking care of you?

For one week only, Real Women Scrap is available for under $10 (regular price: $14.95). That's right! It's our one-year anniversary sale and just for you we are offering the book for only $9.95! That even beats Amazon's price and there are no limits on the number you can order. Everything is on sale until Saturday, Feb. 9. If you've got a special event coming up or a few birthdays, now is the time to stock up.

If you're ready for even more encouragement, organizing tips, or just a new perspective on life, then we also have our "Real Women Scrap TV" Season 1 DVD on sale for only $15 (regular price: $20).

Real Women Scrap T-shirts are just $15 too. Or you can get the book, DVD, t-shirt, jotter, and button for only $35. Are you ready for a change?

Buy Now.

Camy here: This is a really good book, and since Tasra's husband is a professional videographer, her Real Women Scrap TV is very cool. If you don't have a copy, now's the time to get one!


  1. Hi Camy,

    Came across your blog while searching for valentines gift ideas. It seems there's a real lack of books that are low on glitz, high on actual scrapbooking thought process. I will definitely check out Amazon.

  2. Thanks for the blog mention!

    I had fun writing the newsletter and have had such great response from my readers. I know you understand how amazing it feels that someone would take time out of their busy day to let you know that what you wrote inspired them.

    Keep on writing!