Friday, September 14, 2007

Ginny Aiken's contest!

Captain's Log, Stardate 09.14.2007

Inspirational romance author Ginny Aiken has a fabulous new website (with a jeweled butterfly!!!) and an amazing contest for a 1 carat Burmese ruby!

It’s to kick off her hilarious Shop-Til-U-Drop series (think QVC meets cute Christian woman who’s a Miss Marple wannabe). While you’re there, check out Priced to Move, the first book in the series.


  1. man, i want to enter this (yay for burmese stuff! showcasing my other Asian side!) but i don't want to put my mailing address where others could get it...

    does she have an email address i could send it to instead?

  2. Deborah, I think if you just leave your website addy for now, that's fine. As long as she has some way to get hold of you.

  3. Be aware: entries before September 20th don't count...according to the official contest rules. Yeah, I read those things. It's a sickness.