Thursday, March 01, 2007


Captain’s Log, Supplemental

Valley of Betrayal (Chronicles of the Spanish Civil War, book 1) by Tricia Goyer

For reasons beyond her control, Sophie finds herself alone in the war-torn Spanish countryside. What was once a thriving paradise has become a battleground for fascist soldiers and Spanish patriots. It doesn’t take long for Sophie to realize just how far from home she really is.

Caught in the middle of what is quickly becoming a bloody battleground, she receives tragic news, but remaining in Spain is her only option. The route to safety is blocked and fighting surrounds her. On her darkest night, Sophie takes refuge with a brigade of international compatriots. It is among these volunteers, through the use of her fiancé’s camera and her art, that she pledges to make the plight of the Spanish people known around the world.

Camy here: I haven’t read this yet, but I heard Tricia talking about this book while she was writing it, and it’s fascinating. She did a TON of research for this series, like she does for all her books.

It made even me excited just listening to her tell about the things she’d discovered while researching the Spanish Civil War. I’m a complete history Neanderthal, but her enthusiasm and creativity got me intrigued about her book.

Lovers of historical fiction or historical romance will want to pick this one up.

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  1. Wow, Camy great review! Here's a Big Thanks from one Neanderthal to another! :)