Thursday, January 11, 2007

We Is Friends

Captain’s Log, Supplemental

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I got this hilarious picture from my good friend Pamela James. This made me crack up, maybe because I’m not terribly fuzzy and warm and this is as close as I’ll get.


Bible in 90 Days: day 41. Okay, you can shoot me if you want, but I think Proverbs is a lot of repetition.

It’s not bad repetition. I mean, it’s all valuable wisdom and all. And I’m sure the deliberate change in wording of the same concepts has some deep theological meaning behind it. But I’m just not getting it.

King David I could hang with. King Solomon gives me a headache. I feel like Einstein is trying to explain something to me and I just don’t have the brain capacity to understand it.

I’m not complaining. Lord, I promise I’m not ripping on Your Word or anything like that. I just wish I was smarter.

Diet: I exercised yesterday!

My calorie count has been okay lately. I’m trying to not eat something just because it’s THERE.

You know what I mean.

There’s a bowl of candy/chips/French fries/pick-your-poison in front of me, and I’ll finish off the bowl simply because it’s in front of me.

I don’t even try to:

(a) pace myself so I don’t eat them all quickly and never give my stomach even half a chance to feel full

(b) listen to my stomach and the possibility it’s even remotely non-famished, and therefore cutting into my eating frenzy enjoyment

(c) go wild and crazy and maybe not finish the bowl! Gasp! What a novel concept.

So yesterday, I didn’t finish a brownie, and today I didn’t finish my trail mix. That’s progress, right?


  1. ROFL, that picture is hilarious!

    I have a tendency to finish whatever it is I'm eating even if I'm full. So many years of my mother telling me not to waste food because there are starving people elsewhere, I'm sure. Of course I never have figured out how she thought my gluttony would help those people. Anywho, I'm trying to work on that. And I also eat too fast. Like if I don't eat it all RIGHT NOW it will disappear. I'm trying to work on that too.

    Not finishing the brownie and the trail mix is definitely progress.

  2. I hear ya! Can't tell you how many times I've stood in the pantry in the last week, conscious of looking for a snack and not needing one. Most times I turn around emptyhanded. I consider that a big victory.

  3. You think you should be shot? I think I should be in line before you, cuz when I read Proverbs, I can't help thinking, "Solomon, why couldn't you practice what you preached? All this talk about wisdom, and you ended up losing it all." Yep, a wee tad bit judgemental, but it sort of taints his proverbs for me, though I try not to let it. The other ones I can handle. "There are three things I've been thinking about -- no four." My kind of poetry. : )

    You should've seen the snowstorm we had a few hours ago, Camy-girl! Awesome.


  4. Okay, I'll ask once, so don't hit me. Who does the grocery shopping at your house? If it's hubby, make him stop! If it's you, well girl, I know you have better will power than that. LOL!

    Seriously, you wouldn't believe the change in my eating habits by not having it around, even with four kids. (I won't tell you I have two things of Ben and Jerry ice cream--I promise I only eat a few spoonfuls and put it away. Really!) I have to ask, have you thought about eating dark chocolate with 70% cocoa in it. One little square and you get your chocolat fix for the day, for me a few days. Another trick for me, keep your body fueled with a good multivitamin and mineral. Your body is craving the things it's not getting. I could give you more tips, but I don't have that much room.

    Congrats on excercising! If I can do it, the biggest lazy in the world, you can too! If Yan can cook it, you can too! LOL! I just had to say that.

  5. Cute picture! Please don't jump off a bridge--I'd miss your emails too :-)

    And hey, NOT eating a full portion of something is great progress. Everything counts! Keep going. Ca-my, Ca-my, Ca-my!

  6. I love the cats. They are adorable. I have two and that picture reminds me of them.