Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Isaiah – week 4

Captain’s Log, Supplemental

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Blog Bible Study: Isaiah 5:1 – 6:13

I liked how this section revealed both God’s love and care for His people, but also his awesome holiness and divine judgment. He loves us, but we are to obey Him because He is absolutely holy, so we must be holy. No excuses.

God lists the Israelite’s sins—increasing poverty and disobeying God’s law (5:8), ignoring God (5:11-12), those in positions of authority being irresponsible and deceitful (5:18-23). They had taken God for granted.

I take God for granted. I don’t buy up land like they did, but I don’t always obey what I know He wants me to do. I ignore God a lot in those situations. And recently I don’t take seriously enough the positions of authority He’s given me, especially over the church youth group—I’ve been whining about burn-out when I should be crying out to God for help.

I want to be willing, as Isaiah was (6:9-10), just because God asks. And Isaiah wasn’t a totally pure and great man when God called him—he himself confessed he’d been doing the same deceitful things the Israelites are accused of (6:5, 59:3-5, 14-15). But God cleansed him so he could hear and speak the message the Almighty God wanted him to pronounce.

Well, Jesus cleansed me and I have the responsibility to respond and act (Matt. 13:9-17). I’m praying for God to help me do what He wants.

Landon Snow and the Island of Arcanum by R.K. Mortenson

Check out the review at the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance website!

A few words from the author:
“A Landon Snow short story is appearing in Focus on the Family's Clubhouse magazine for kids in December. The story is already online at their Website here: AND I'm talking about my adoption experiences at Heather Ivester's mom2momconnection blog next week. It's not about the books, but something even more important: kids.”


Writing: I posted a short article on dialogue at my Story Sensei blog.

Only two more days and about 10,000 words to go!


  1. Thanks for the blog study Camy. I'm just finishing up a study (okay, for the second time--didn't finish it the first, sigh) called He Speaks to Me. Sounds like that's what God's doing for you--speaking. The cool thing is that you're hearing him and acting. I'm feeling the same way...