Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Shirlee’s contest

Captain’s Log, Stardate 01.03.2006

My friend Shirlee McCoy held a contest for a free copy of her book EVEN IN THE DARKNESS. I already have one, but it was a fun contest, so I entered.

Write a paragraph with the following words:
duct tape

Camy’s entry:

Shirlee traipsed into Jolene's bedroom. "Darling, I'm going to make you the most beautiful prom dress ever. I have pink duct tape right here."


"And what? I don't need nothin' but duct tape. It'll be smashing."

"It'll take me a week and a whole new dermal layer to get it off."

"No, and do you know why? I have these phenomenal mutated ants that will eat through the gummy stuff and it will simply fall off your beautiful bod."

"They don't bite, do they?"

"No, I don't think so. Margaret brought them back from her stint on the Amazing Race with her writer girlfriends."

"Where did she get them?"

"Oh, some tribe in Uganda. They're part of some ritual involving Carol and Blaze and screaming bats."

"Oh. Sounds like she had a good time."

Writing: Got some brainstorming done today. Hopefully I’ll get more done later. Still doing research.

I registered for Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference in April. I can’t wait to go! They have the Fiction 101 track--led by James Scott Bell, who’s a great teacher--but it would be the third time I’m taking Fiction 101, and I’ve already read PLOT AND STRUCTURE, so I think about 85-90% of it will be stuff I already know.

I think I will take the Fiction Mentoring Track. After all, I have Gayle Roper, Brandilyn Collins, and Randy Ingermanson to choose from.


  1. You are so twisted! Adhesive eating ants? Sure hope they can tell flesh from glue. LOL!

    Mount Hermon's gonna be a blast!

  2. Er...that's way more than one paragraph, Miz Camykins.


    Now we can win...BWAHHAHAHAHAH

  3. And you dare to call ME twisted??? LOL

  4. That, my friend, is brilliant!

    I'm having conference envy now...