Saturday, January 21, 2006

RubyZine needs writers!

Captain's Log, Stardate 01.21.2006

Do any of you fabulous writers have words of wisdom for teen girls? It doesn't have to be a LOT of words--like maybe 250-750?

RubyZine is a Christian online newsletter for teen girls and they're looking for articles. It can be on any topic--silly or serious, spiritual or practical. Most articles range from 250 words to 750, so you don't have to write a book to say something worthwhile to a teen girl.

It's not a paying ezine, but RubyZine is a legit writing credit, for any of you wanting to pad your writing resume.

RubyZine also loves short fiction! Did you know that Kristin Billerbeck wrote the short story for RubyZine's debut issue? I saved it--it's somewhere in my computer. It's HILARIOUS.

You too can write something terrific for RubyZine! Short stories can also be on any topic, and they run 750 to 1000 words.

Here is your chance to make a difference and to nab a publishing credit! Writer's guidelines are here.

First Novel Journey: Next week, Gina Holmes will interview Cindy Thompson, Publicist Rebeca Seitz (she's totally awesome), and Bill Myers in a special two-parter all for himself.

Bible in 90 Days: day 13. Moses finally died, and I started the book of Joshua.

One thing I'm realizing is that I never really understood the character of God just by reading the New Testament. (I commented to Sharon Dunn's blog post over at Faithchick with the same thought.) God isn't different in the Old Testament from the New Testament, it's just another facet of who He is. I'm learning what it is to worship Him and fear Him. I'm learning to love Him more by knowing Him better.

Writing: Thank You God! I got some brainstorming done today, and I now have a preliminary outline of events. I'll piece them together tonight and see if I have enough for a synopsis. Contrary to what Ronie says, the S-word is not a curse.

Diet: 15 minutes on the bike, fish sticks for lunch (400), roast beef sandwich for dinner (700?), chocolate truffle (100). I had youth group tonight at church--chocolate (200) and chips (300). And ice cream with my husband (300). The ice cream did me in. Dude, that looks terrible in black and white for everybody to see. I'm going on the bike right now for another 15 minutes. Or maybe 15 hours.


  1. Camy, you crack me up: "Moses finally died." You've been waiting days for that. I also have been studying the OT in my Bible study and have come to understand God's character much better through it. We are constantly disobeying him and breaking his laws, but his nature is so consistent--he's so willing to forgive us and set us back on the right path (after correcting us, or course), because he loves us.
    Luv ya!

  2. Moses FINALLY died?

    I'm with Marilyn--Good gracious, woman!

    Man the tears when he passed! I love Moses, especially his honesty at his shortcomings when he talks to God.