Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Story Sensei critique service

Captain’s Log, Supplemental

Hi everybody,

I've started a fiction critique service called The Story Sensei that differs from a typical freelance editor.

When judging contests, I've been able to pick out high-level structural flaws from writers' manuscript synopses. By pointing those out, I enable the writer to make structural changes to their storyline to tighten a sagging story into something strong and solid.

I know that most writers are DIRT POOR (I'm one of them). That's why I critique synopses--it's faster and cheaper for busy writers without the money to have their entire manuscript edited by a freelance editor.

Especially in this season where writers are finishing their Book-in-a-year, I'm offering to critique both a 2-page single-spaced synopsis AND a chapter-by-chapter synopsis for only $40. I'll critique your storyline for high-level structural flaws like:

· Good pacing, strong sense of movement

· Setting as a character

· Unique story premise

· Voice

· Clear story arc--beginning, middle, end

· Inciting Incident

· External goals

· Internal goals

· Obstacles/conflict

· Epiphany/sacrifice

· Black Moment

· Flaws

· Unique/original characters

· Secondary characters--goals, depth, contribute to the story

You can find more information on my website, including testimonies from writers who have benefited from my services:

Thanks! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email me.


  1. WONDERFUL! Camy is a master at synopsis! I highly recommend her!

  2. I second Robin's recommendation!!!