Thursday, October 20, 2005

New agent

Captain's Log, Stardate 10.21.2005

I signed with Wendy Lawton from Books and Such literary agency. I'm very excited for several reasons. Wendy is really nice and I've gotten along well with her the times we've chatted--I got to know her at RWA National in July since she's Marilyn's friend. It was a total non-pressure sort of thing because I didn't need to worry about making a stellar impression since I didn't need an agent at the time. I also talked with her at ACFW Conference in Nashville, which again was a non-pressure situation.

Wendy is extremely excited about my writing, which makes me feel like a supernova. I had never realized what a difference it makes in how I feel when my agent is enthusiastic about my stuff. She also lives in California, about an hour's drive away from me. It's nice to know I can meet with her occasionally.

I'm still doing contest judging. It's been really great for me in that I'm seeing aspects of story structure I can teach others about. I can see high-level story structure and how to manipulate it for maximal emotional effect. I can also see character GMC since it's intertwined with structure, but I'm not as good at characterization as, say, Brandilyn Collins (if you haven't read her book "Getting Into Character," it's worth it--by far the most unique methods for character development I've seen).

I'm really warming into this. I'd really like to teach a class on story structure sometime.

Diet: Still recovering from a weekend taking my parents to all the restaurants they particularly wanted to eat at. Eating more veggies.


  1. Hey honey, That's a great pic of you that you have up now!!

  2. I'm SO excited for you, girl! This is AWESOME news!