Thursday, June 09, 2005

My website contest is up!

Captain's Log, Stardate 06.09.2005
I am starting a monthly website contest for a free book. This month, my friend Shelley Bates will autograph her romantic suspense book "Grounds to Believe" for the lucky winner of the book drawing. Go to my website to fill out the contest form!
Tell your friends and family who enjoy romantic suspense to sign up--if they put your name down as the referrer, you get an extra entry into the contest.
It took me a while to switch my host servers, update my pages and upload them, especially for Miss HTML-Challenged over here. It's amazing how much html code you can pick up when you're clipping sections to get rid of some annoying side frame and error message!
But I was so proud of myself for not only getting rid of the side frame, but inserting a new form for the contest. My husband says I need a little humility. I say, when you're a biologist who flunked computer science, you take the victories when they come!
Writing: I've been trying to work on my Hawaii manuscript and feeling like I'm getting nowhere. What happened to all my neat tips and tricks for writing while working full-time? Sometimes I'm such a loser. Well, I'll just put it down to a dry spell and get back into gear.
I received my copies of Nikkei Heritage, the journal published by the National Japanese American Historical Society. My feature article "Wartime in an O'ahu Country Town" appears in the spring 2005 issue. I have to send my parents a copy so they don't think I'm lying about being published. :-)
The San Jose ACFW group met at my house last night. It's always so enjoyable to sit and talk about writing with fellow writers. Yet again, we had too much food, but it's too much fun eating together.
Diet: It's been very slow, but my clothes are fitting better. I guess I'm just too impatient. I've been doing well on my food choices and portion sizes. It's hard to motivate myself to exercise, though.


  1. Hi, Camy! Just browsing through your blog. I LOVED the pics from Mt. Hermon - they are great!

    Love, Staci

  2. You are not a loser! Camy, you rule!!